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Professional Real Estate Tips

The process of buying or selling real estate requires a great deal of thought and careful decision making. The right approach can add thousands of dollars to your bank account or prevent a real estate transaction from falling through. Follow these tips to boost your chances of success:

Buying Real Estate

  1. Look for a vacant home to purchase. If no one lives in a house, the seller probably doesn't have much of an incentive to retain ownership. You might also be able to move into an empty house more quickly.
  2. If you want to buy a condominium, request a full inspection of the desired unit and the building's common areas. Some condo associations maintain common rooms and structures more thoroughly than others.
  3. When looking at a home for the second time, confirm that each plumbing fixture has a shut-off valve. Such valves will allow you to turn off the water if a major leak occurs or a sink needs to be replaced.
  4. Beware of deceptive mortgage offers that may arrive in the mail. Ignore the hype and look for specific facts about the loan. The lender should clearly state the annual percentage rate and the mortgage term.
  5. If you are a citizen of a foreign country, prepare to offer a large down payment. American banks typically demand that foreign buyers put at least 40 percent down, according to the Miami Herald.
  6. Short sale and foreclosure properties often sell at very affordable prices. However, standard owner-occupied homes tend to be in better condition. The terms of sale are easier to negotiate as well.

Selling Real Estate

  1. Remove clutter from your home before a real estate agent takes pictures or conducts a showing. Hide items that might distract a potential buyer, such as posters, firearms or controversial books.
  2. When you complete major home repairs or improvements, don't neglect to notify your listing agent. He or she will update the property description. If the changes are visible, ask the agent to take some new photographs.
  3. Request that your listing agent attend each showing. A different real estate broker probably won't know as much about your property. The listing agent can provide potential buyers with more information.
  4. If you're skilled at conducting repairs, try to fix any major defects before selling the house. When problems surface during an inspection, buyers may demand that you pay a contractor to perform the repairs.
  5. When considering a buyer's offer, remember that home inspections and tests often lead to reductions in the sale price. Don't approve an offer for the minimum amount of money that you are willing to accept.
  6. Look for a professional real estate broker with an office near your home. A local agent won't be reluctant to show your property, take new pictures or help you with the paperwork.

If you need an experienced real estate agent to help you buy or sell a property in Marin or Sonoma County, please contact me at Bradley Real Estate in Novato.

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About Peter Shardt.

My experience goes back many years. I was the top producing Realtor for Bradley Real Estate in 2008,2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. I have hands on buying and selling experience in Marin and Sonoma County ( Novato, San Rafael, Larkspur, Mill Valley, Corte Madera, Ross, Kentfield, Sausilito, Petaluma ). With my extensive Knowledge of Marin and Sonoma County, I will be able to give you the proper advice about the positives and negatives of your subject property and will make sure you find exactly what you are looking for. If you are selling your home, I will always try to get you the Highest Dollar for your Property.

My number one goal is communication. I want to help everyone find that perfect home or investment property and always want to make sure my clients are getting the best possible service and deal weather selling, buying or leasing! Being a top producing Marin County Realtor and top negotiator I have the ability to handle any Realtor in Marin and Sonoma County. My honor, ethics and loyalty are above any Realtor I have ever met. This is why I am one of the top producing Realtors in Marin.

Specialties: Marin County or Sonoma County Single Family Dwellings, Novato Real estate, San Rafael, Mill Valley, Ross, Kentfield,Larkspur,Corte Madera , Petaluma, Multifamily Units, and I am friend to the first time home buyer.

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